Thursday, June 4, 2009

Go On Now, Get Out of Here

Here's the post where I don't actually give you any content, but instead of "Paint"ing a bunch of pictures and wasting your time, I point you in the direction of some legitimate writers.

In other words, if you're not following these blogs yet, you totally should be:

I'm Not Benny
The Yellow Factor
mother hides the pearls
A World So Small
Mo "Mad Dog" Stoneskin
Mr. London Street
Blogging is for Dorks
Diamond Pewpin' Carnivore
You. Me. No Adult Supervision

Nownownow. Don't be offended if you're not on this list. It probably means one of thee things:

1. I've already pimped you out. Don't be a hog.

2. You're so cool and high-trafficked, that a link from me would be kind of like the local drug pusher giving big ups to the Mexican cartel. That kind of shit could get me killed. And hello? I have kids.

3. I don't really like your blog anyway.

ALSO if you're reading this, and you realize that you're not following MY blog yet, then get on it. My doctor said I need to get my good numbers up, so I'm assuming that's what he was talking about. (I added that damn "Followers" widget specifically by request of a certain someone who then never clicked on it. It's okay though, I don't hold on to such things. Much. WINK WINK.)

And since you brought it up, I might take this time to mention that I recently discovered my blog is utterly worthless.

And since I strive to be on the level of dooce someday, I've got some catching-up to do:

My blog is worth $2,120,412.24.
How much is your blog worth?

Make it happen, rockstars.


  1. I can safely say that six of these seven blogs come with the Matt Jenks Two Thumbs Up (his ass) Seal of Approval.

  2. HAHA!! that was hilarious! if you don't have a million followers by tomorrow i'm going to have to find a way to beat up people through the computer and force them to read your shit.

    ps. thanks for the linky link :)

  3. So funny. I was reading your comment wondering why you never post, and I come here and Lo! you ARE posting! I harassed you into adding a followers thing and then didn't even follow? I'm such a lame-o. I swear I thought I followed early on.

  4. i feel like we are totally holding hands right now...

  5. Thanks for the celebrity endorsement, Loeb.

  6. You're endorsement is so much better than the one I got from Chuck Palahniuk.

    Wait, why does that statement ring untrue?

  7. TIM: Uh, it should be ALL of them, hello?

    Lana: I would LOVE to beat people up through the computer! It'd be easier on my wrists, I bet!

    SMUK: I'll try not to let it affect our friendship. I mean, THANK YOU! MWAH! (Throwing flowers!)

    Jerrod: More like flashing secret gang-type blogging signs! Yeah boi!

    Sally-Sal: No prob, Bob. (?)

    erin: Probably because you're LYING! You little...

    Mr LS: I have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

  8. You edit posts almost as well as you write them.

    Impressive work.

  9. I totally forgot I wasn't following you yet.

  10. And so explains my new wave of followers, which, now that I think about it, makes more sense than "because I think I look good in this shirt today", which really made no sense at all.

    You are filled with rock and awesome, my friend.

  11. yeah, i did that with dooce as well and i was like, "whoa!" for reals

  12. For the sake of my internet ego, I'm just going to assume that you think I'm already super popular.

  13. Wait, did you add some more? Because now there's nine links there. Or can I just not fucking count anymore?

  14. Mr. London: I still have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

    Eric: That's what I'm here for. To harrass you into loving me.

    Not Benny: Funny because when I read your stuff, I'm always like, WOW, this post looks really good on him. So [insert cool male flattery here]!

    Becky: I could fill my days with time spent envying her.

    HHH: Good. That was it!

    TIM: You can't count, Mr. "MASTER". Go back to school. (Or, I edited. Shush.)

  15. Just catching up on posts (I'm such a blog-slacker lately) ... thanks ever so much for the link! :) I'll check out the one's I'm not familiar with asap

  16. I can safely say that six of these seven blogs come with the Matt Jenks Two Thumbs Up (his ass) Seal of Approval.