Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gamey Game

So I'm going to try something fun, and you get to play, too. You want to play right? What do you mean?! I even got the best ball out of the recess bag! I wore my running shoes!

Oh god, not the kickball lineup again. Please pick me. Sure I'm fat, can't catch, and haven't yet learned to apply deodorant correctly, but...

(Oh, heh. Sorry. Just a little writing exercise. Shut up.)

So this thing originated over at The Daily Wit, but Mo Stoneskin and Jerrod have played it, so I'm pretty much stealing from them. And I say that because I don't think they'll sue me.

Here's how it works. You each provide me with a word. Once I have 10-15 or a million, I will write a brief story using ALL of them. Then, you will laugh so hard that you will choke a little bit on your soda (you really should be drinking more water) and probably have a sore throat as a result for the rest of the day.

So, sorry about that.

But you'll forgive me eventually because you remembered I'm in the process of developing a reality show and you want IN. That's right. You better be nice.

Shit, I don't even know what I was talking about.

THE GAME. Right.

So, leave a word or two in the comments section. No phrases, jackrabbits. Just words. And if you leave me more than two, I'll get pissed and kick your ass in my head. So don't do that unless you like imaginary pain. And if you do like imaginary pain, then, ew. I'm married.

Aaaaand, go.

PS: Image found using "gamey game" keyword on Google. Heh.


  1. ass hattery!

    That's one word. It should probably be hyphenated. Just use it ok!

    wv mostolkin

    You thinking of Mo??

  2. sassafrass.

    awesome sauce.

    I know the second one has two words but... i'm one of your favorites and in the words of the black dude in Rocky 5... "touch me'n i'll sue."

  3. punkness

    because that's a quality i just can't seem to get away from these days

  4. gastrointestinal

    My mother made me a chili casserole last night. This was an easy word to think of. :(

  5. Thanks guys...for showing your inability to follow directions. And for making up words.

    Coritco, you get a gold star for a real word.

    Keep 'em coming! Real or not, I GUESS.

  6. Mammock

    Okay, I'll find you a real word. I just did the ole' dictionary game. You know the one. Word is "embitter" ooh, not bad.

    And my favorite: onomatopoeia.

  7. I don't understand the appeal, I think your blog is better than parlour games like this.

  8. g: Mammock! hahaha! ahhh.

    Mr. London: You make me sound so classy. But it appears the game is a bust anyhow. I've got about five words. So much for that.

    But if anyone's still reading, you should be voting for me in the wallet contest over at Pacing the Panic Room. :) I'm going to lose, but I'd like to lose with more than two votes. That's an embarrassing loss.

  9. drug-addled


    i'm a huge fan of ...whatever that form of word is. compound participle? i dunno.

    oh here's a third word (not to break the rules- you don't have to use it): gobbact. that's what google wants me to verify my comment with.