Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Results Are In! (And They're Lame)

Let's not talk about the flowers quite yet. What I thought would be a fun romp in the dirt turned into a 8 hour labor-intensive archeological dig. It looks pretty, but no pond. No fish. Sigh.

Since I can't really move my arms well enough to type (click-OUCH, click-OUCH), I thought I'd try out this Wordle thing I'd heard about in one of my classes. Like any good educator I know how to manipulate any good teaching tool for sinister uses on my inappropriate blog.

It's a tag cloud, quite simply. It reads your site and calculates the most popular words you use, displaying them all pretty-like to boot. Here, I present the Wait in the Van Wordle:

Click for optimum viewing

So, big deal, eh? Well, if you look somewhat closely, you'll see that this thing seems to support the theory that I'm a shit writer. Do you see my popular words? Let's list a few:

1. Like/totally. I suppose this supports the theory that I'm a valley girl. My husband wins again, and I will have night terrors of my high school days manifesting themselves into my adulthood.

2. Sure/ going/ get. Maybe it's just me, but this sounds kind of x-rated . (Or utterly LAME. Let's go with the former.) My blog's not THAT inappropriate (lame), is it?

3. Children/Mommy/blahblahblah: I have failed you T9 and Plus One! That's purely coincidental placement!

4. How the hell did inappropriate not make this list?!

Anyway, this is kind of fun, and I feel like you should give it a shot and let me know if your blogs are as inappropriate as mine! Though keep in mind that I think it only reads the current in, only the ones on your homepage, and not the archives. Now THAT would be some juicy stuff.

In the meantime, I'm heading back out to do some landscaping. I'm posting pictures of my blisters tomorrow. I haven't given myself a blister in years! Wait...


  1. i love that blahblahblah made it. i'm going to try this right now :)

  2. I like the tiny 'loeb' in the corner of your wordle.

  3. Oooh, 'Still Looking Totally Shit Even'

  4. the best part about you Kristine is that you actually give me post ideas. you do all the leg work and i get all the babes.

    stay classy...

  5. "inappropriate" is probably on some sort of exclude list, so as not to offend or something. I'll have to give it a go. You'd think that 'van' would have made it.