Saturday, May 2, 2009


Scene: Living room. Discussing my feeble attempt to hang the Topsy-Turvey.

: Well, why don't we just hang it from the corner of the house?

Me: The directions said you can't hang it on siding.

Him: So just because it's on the directions, you listen?

Me: Well, yeah. It pretty much says "do what I tell you" in fine print.

Him: So let me get this straight...

Me: [stare]

Him: If it's written on a piece of paper...[dramatic pause] you have no problem complying?

Me: Wait a second...I don't think I like where this is going.

Him: [grin]

Me: You better watch yourself or I'm going to put you on the Internet again.

Him: [drafting a contract] What?


  1. I wonder if the topsy turdy will work with my coffee/hemp/poppies/coca plant hybrid?

  2. blackmail looks very sexy on you. just sayin'.

  3. Frankenfinger: I'm calling your bluff. That kind of plant would cure all that is evil in this world.

    Jerrod: Actually, I look sexy on blackmail. I have that effect on most things.