Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've enlisted my 4-month-old to assist us in seeking a reprieve on taxes this year. That's right he sounds angry. We should all be angry! (We're still working on his enunciation):

Click Here to Play

I know it's not a fancy plug-in. Will someone please tell me how to do that?!

I give up. Here's a video:

Also, an update for clarity's sake. I should've disclosed that this is purely a "proud Momma" post. My little one started babbling (already!) and I had to share with the world. Or, like five people.


  1. so it might just be my possessed computer, but i have to ask anyway... was that supposed to be a link to a commercial construction company? cause if it was, i don't get it :(

  2. Uh, dude. Do you even have to ask? It's your computer.

  3. Cute bebe. Heylo little one. :)

    Has he been in your dictionary? Is he trying to say "mitochondria"? There's definite M action there. Should we translate to "Mommy" and call it a day? :)