Monday, April 6, 2009

I Actually Collect Dictionaries

But here's my first attempt at writing one.

Just because there was a time we were worried he wouldn't talk. And just because there will be a day when he'll mispronounce things like "augmentation" and "pedagogy" and "Mom, take your Cataracts medicine!" and they won't be cute anymore.


So, here is an abridged dictionary of Plus One speak:

bluedada: blueberry

helicaca: helicopter

fuck: sock, usually.

tay-too (said quickly, and consecutively): Thank you in advance for doing what I want you to do. Exactly what I want you to do, however, you must guess. Quickly. GO!

nah-moh: remote. Here inflection is key. He almost sounds like he's saying Ramone, with a soft N. Must be all that self-taught Spanish.

fungee: story.

tee-tee: TV

num, num, num: good eats, Mama!

nice and nummy hot cocoa: We have no idea where this came from, but he says it after he takes a sip of his juice. It's usually preceeded by an "AHHHHH!"

fuh-fuh-fuh-fuh: that "spspsps" sound you make to lure kitty cats into your traps.

Fuffy: Fluffy Cat, our evasive little feline

Michael: motorcycle

I you: I love you (forever and ever, even when you're old and grey older and greyer and I realize all the mistakes you've made as a parent.)