Wednesday, April 15, 2009

(Don't Call CPS)

Stuff on my Cat has got nothing on our operation over here. I present to you--Stuff on My Kid.


Royalty? (Royal something, alright.)

In case you're wondering (which you should be), yes--those are official BluBlockers

Plus One (back in the day):

Safety first!

Don't strain your eyes. That's totally a soda cap.


"Oh, man. This is a sweet jam."


Look at that hardcore Viking face.
Don't mess, because he will swaddle the crap out of you.

Plus One's got more life span under his belt, and naturally this means we've spent considerably more time finding things to put on him. T9 will catch up. I'm trying to train the cats to sit still...


  1. Yo my man looks like a war general in that last pic...I'd follow him into battle.

  2. t9 rocks those blue blockers, and he knows it.

  3. B: He's the Braveheart of the toddler world, really. Except for the face paint, the Mel Gibson-like tendencies, and the bloodshed.

    Kurt: That's all you've got?

    Lana: Right? Look at that mafia pout. He's indestructible.

    TIM: Yeah, this was from when he was moonlighting at a pharmaceutical company. Or a meth lab. I can't remember.

  4. This is exactly what I would do if I had a child to care for ;)

  5. Oh man, can he still work the chromatography, cause if so, I have a deal he cannot possibly resist.

    Also...when did Labatt Blue start making soda?

  6. Rachel: It makes all the more burdensome things totally (almost) worth it.

    TIM: Now I feel like I'm in an episode of Breaking Bad, and that's pretty awesome. And probably irresponsible of me as a parent. Sweet.

    (And, hush.)

  7. My six year old son is sitting here looking at your pics and said, "We should leave her a comment, Mom..."

    So I said, "Okay, tell me what you want to say and I will type it in."

    He says, "That your baby is really funny and that you're crazy. [pause] Now she will have NINE comments!"

  8. Wendy, tell your son that his is my favorite comment EVER!

  9. You could TOTALLY make a book out of this....