Friday, March 20, 2009

Gettin' Classy

Man, did you SEE The Office last night? Poor big-nosed-Jim and his silly tux. It's no 30 Rock (which you should know by now, is my obsession), but I have a soft spot for ol' Michael Scott. Maybe it's the two-first-names thing. And I also like to pretend Jenna Fisher and myself are friends in real life.

But don't distract me!

Look at that shiny new header! Now THAT'S classy. My good friend Jon Gorey made it, and Jonathan put on his dancing shoes to thank his favorite Boston-based musician. (In fact, he's so IN with this crowd that he even got invited to Jon's island wedding! Have you ever been to a wedding on an island? By age, say 9 months?! Didn't think so. That's how cool my son is. You should've seen him at the after-party.)

Anyway, here's the music video, professionally produced by his manager:

By the second or so listen to this song, Jonathan was singing along: "Hey! Hey! Hey!" Of course, by that time, he contractual obligation was up, so he would no longer let me film him.

But that's Hollywood for you, eh?

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