Friday, March 6, 2009

Get out of the gutter, Google!

Ok, I wasn't going to do it: draw attention to the fact that my Google ads have picked up on the fact that I've written about pee. (And thus perpetuate the pee ads.)

But come on.

Jack Nob?!

There's no way that's "toilet partition hardware." It sounds like some kind of S&M torture device (or maybe it's for pleasure, but still). And since I'm legally restricted (or something) from clicking on this ad to find out more, I'll leave you to it.

Note: If you tell me it's legitimate, I'll just pretend I didn't hear you. There's simply no way someone would name their company Jack Nob without understanding the implications.


  1. i clicked on it already (to help you make money from you ads, not because i'm in the market for toilet accessories) and it is in fact a website for a supply store for public bathroom stalls and other such items. so fear not, you are still pg-13, google is just way too literal.

  2. I always wondered how Google decided which ads to put on that side thingy. I thought the belly fat diets were just there by coincidence. I will now pay more attention. I do notice that a lot of the tv shows that I watch have ads for denture cream and bladder control items - hmmmmm...

  3. Jack Nob sounds like a really perverted fairy tale or something.

    Not that I'd know anything about that.

  4. Jacknob is a subsidiary of Longtaint Worldwide, which is in turn partnered with Juicetooth Inc.