Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ah, Youth

Ran to the local grocery yesterday to grab some produce. As I eyeballed the herbs, trying to decipher the freaking difference between scallions and chives (seriously, what the hell?), I overheard a manager of sorts talking to a stock-boy. The manager is a balding, fat, and loud man. The teen is a string-bean of a boy, with dark brown hair that will likely be greasy for the next few years regardless of how much he washes it.

Manager: [wearing one of hernia get-ups] Yeah, we just gotta unload these boxes and then get to that stock on the back pallet, Jack.

Jack: [voice squeaking] Okay.

Manager: When'd you start now...Tuesday was it? Good work, Jack.

Jack : [meekly] Thank you.

Manager: Alright, you just about finished with that now, Jack?

Jack: Almost.

Manager: Right...Now, is it Jack or Jim?

Jack: It's John.

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