Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Dust Bunny Project

In true writing fashion, I'm EMULATING some of my favorite bloggers and creating a series. For really good examples of such a thing, visit Pacing the Panic Room or Mrs. Kennedy. I hear rotten dot com also did one with decaying meat.

Obviously I'm here to expound upon the concept. Since I'm not pregnant (woo-hoo!) nor do I plan on shaving my head (or wasting beef, people. These are hard times.) I'm going to SACRIFICE a shelf in the name of science, time lapse-photography, and well, boredom.

You're going to watch my house collect dust, people. So, every day, for a month? Who knows. I'll post a photograph of my shelf. The rest, I'm sure, will be history my book deal.

Here they are, (in reverse chronological order, obvs.) and remember to click each photograph for the full, artistic (and perhaps nauseating) effect:

Day Six:

It appears as if they've banded together to send me a message...perhaps the dusty little guys are looking for royalties?

Day Five:

Should I feel better that this shelf is by a door that's open frequently?! That we have cats?! That my skin is falling off by the bucketload?! (PS: I have a professional photographer in the house, so I had to do this, shamefully, as he slept.)

Day Four:

Isn't that what comprises most dust? Shit, I need to start using more lotion or something. This project might need to be shut down sooner than anticipated or I'll risk involving CPS (again! the risk, that is.)

Day Three:

Starting to second-think this project. I'm beginning to look like I live in a damn garbage can, eh? First a feline pubic hair, now DEAD BUGS. Also, it is really hard to photograph microscopic items with a standard digital camera. So shut up about the spot light.

Day Two:

People! I thought this would be dull and boring, thus making it FREAKING BRILLIANT, but then, LOOK--A HAIR!

Day One:

Nary a dust bunny in sight! Just tacky collectibles.

The Before Shot:

Dust balls copulating like bunnies in a whorehouse (?)


  1. wow. If I knew that could be a project.... I just thought I was being lazy. Awesome idea!

  2. Finally, an excuse to take a month or two off work. This is something I'm going to have to pay very close attention to. The sacrifices you're making for this research...well, it's downright Mother Teresa-esque. Brilliant yet selfless! I hope you'll update us on the precise conditions of dust open? HVAC system? Tiny dust bunny cocktails???

  3. You are a dirty, dirty girl.